Julius Maggi Had His Finger on the Pulse

Jun 9, 2016
Julius Maggi Had His Finger on the Pulse

Malaysians are no strangers to this household staple. Especially popular in times of need, this quick and easy to prepare light meal fills the hungriest of tummies, making MAGGI a resounding name in every Malaysian household. These may be a few scenarios you are familiar with.

MAGGI as a brand believes that happiness can be delivered through good tasting, balanced, home-cooked food, thus its slogan “Happiness is Homemade”. Through various MAGGI products and recipe ideas, MAGGI aims to lend a helping hand to busy individuals, particularly working mothers who have limited time to prepare a tasty and balanced meals or snacks for their families.

Did you know that MAGGI’s success story stretches way back to 1886, when Julius Maggi created MAGGI’s Bouillon-Extract; the classic plant-based liquid food seasoning Malaysians know as MAGGI Liquid Seasoning? Let’s go back in time to find out the inspiration behind the brand.

Today in Malaysia, MAGGI sells a wide range of meal solutions and cooking aids including noodles, bouillons, seasonings and sauces. With the help of MAGGI in the kitchen, it is always easy to create a hearty, wholesome meal that everyone can enjoy. 

Want to know what goes into your favourite MAGGI noodles? Find out more about the ingredients that delivers the unique taste and aroma of beloved MAGGI Kari.

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