MILO Wins the Hearts of Malaysian Consumers

Aug 19, 2016
MILO Wins the Hearts of Malaysian Consumers

Ask any Malaysian about their favourite memory of Hari Sukan and they will all unanimously remember the feeling of sipping a refreshing cup of ice cold MILO served by the Abang MILO from the MILO van.

Ever since the well-known chocolate malt drink was introduced in Malaysia in the 1950’s, it has won the hearts of Malaysians across all generations. MILO has since become a well-loved household brand and also a strong advocate for Malaysian grassroots sports.

For over 60 years, MILO has committed to nourish Malaysians of all ages and walks of life; and the outcome of this commitment recently manifested when MILO was named ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Putra Brand Awards 2016. The winner of the award was determined by of a panel of 6,000 customers from all over Malaysia who voted for the brand they resonate most with.

Thank you Malaysia for your continuous support!

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