Nestlé Introduces nest as we Celebrate 150 Years of Global Success

Jun 23, 2016
Nestlé Introduces nest as we Celebrate 150 Years of Global Success

After three years of careful planning, nest finally opens its doors to the public. Paying homage to our founding father, Henri Nestlé who first created his life saving baby formula, nest is a way for Nestlé to showcase its global commitment for the last 150 years.

Located in the historic district of Vevey where Henri Nestlé established his first production plant, this new place of Swiss cultural life will not only allow visitors to get acquainted with Nestlé and its authentic past, but also to openly explore current food challenges and experience a passionate vision of nutrition in a fun and interactive way.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nestlé says: “nest fully expresses the vision we have of our company: a human company, transparent, which assumes its responsibility and keeps its leadership in creating value for its shareholders as well as for all the people in the countries in which we operate.”

Following 150 years of success, Nestlé is pleased to announce the reopening of the Alimentarium Museum of Food, a Nestlé foundation. As a continuation to Nestlé’s commitment to food for 30 years, the new museum is believed to become a global centre of excellence in nutrition. Completely redesigned, it continues to be a pioneer in promoting new modes of learning, sharing and education through digital technologies. The Alimentarium also provides a new range of activities for children and families, as well as a space dedicated to professional chefs.

Paul Bulcke: Nestlé’s Chief Executive Officer: “nest is a return home, the nest, in the first Nestlé factory. It is also a place dedicated to culture, knowledge and pleasure, where we share our passion for nutrition and values with the rest of the world.”