Raising Healthier Children for a Brighter Future

Nov 7, 2016
Raising Healthier Children for a Brighter Future

A balanced diet is indeed the key to a healthier life. In view of this belief, Nestlé Malaysia recently participated in the Star LIVE Talk showcasing the importance of eating healthy from a young age through the Nestlé Healthy Kids (NHK) Programme.

During the talk, Nestlé’s Senior Nutritionist, Nurul Iliani Ahmad shared that although Malaysians are aware of the importance of eating a balanced diet together with physical activities, many still neglect the foods essential for a balanced nutrition and only consume what they like. She added that parents play an increasingly important role in ensuring their child gets the adequate nutrition they need, as parents are the ones preparing meals at home.

The activity lineup for the event included hands-on activities such as teaching children how to eat right by dividing an empty plate into four quarters, then allowing them to choose foods that will be in each quarter, based on the food pyramid. Parents and children were also treated to some simple physical activities they can do as a family to live healthier lives while strengthening family ties.

The NHK Programme is a global, non-branded initiative by Nestlé which aims to raise awareness about Nutrition, Health and Wellness as well as to promote physical activity among schoolchildren around the world.

In Malaysia, Nestlé has reached out to 10,000 students, 177 schools, 558 operators and 370 teachers in primary and secondary schools since its inception in 2010.

Missed the Star LIVE Talk? Click here to view what went on during the event.

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