Transforming Our Talents, Inspiring Growth

Jun 6, 2016
Transforming Our Talents, Inspiring Growth

Employees are the driving force of a Company. In line with this belief, Shahzad Umar our Executive Director of Group Human Resources, Nestlé Malaysia delivered a Keynote Address on how CEOs support the Human Resources division in developing and nurturing the growth of the business at the Talent Management Asia 2016 conference.

At the conference, Shahzad highlighted that being a people-driven organisation, we always put our people first. We do this by focussing on three key pillars in transforming our talents: our People, our Practices and our Capabilities.

Our People
Being a player in the FMCG industry, talent acquisition and retention is very important to us; therefore improving the long term talent pipeline is an integral part of contributing to the growth of the Company. One of the ways Nestlé achieves this is through our Nestlé Management Trainee Programme, which aims to groom young graduates to become the future leaders of Nestlé. Nestlé also constantly looks for ways to excite our growing pool of young talents, giving them the opportunity to progress in their careers by exposing them to new international horizons which will help them build their skillset, such as through the I’m the Next International programme.
Nestlé also acknowledges the need to provide a creative and conducive working environment for the employees to thrive in, encouraging them to perform better as it energises people and sustains their enthusiasm for work.

Our Practices
Our People is our Business; and that is why we focus on bringing our talents closer to the brands. As the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, we will need to constantly remain relevant to our consumers and that is why we encourage our employees to be innovation and renovation ambassadors of the company. We have had innovation activations to engage our employees and inspire them to break out of their shells by letting them know that their ideas count!

Our Capabilities
It is our firm belief that every day is a learning process here at Nestlé. Over the years, we have built a coaching culture that is not limited to just a top-down approach. We also practise a reverse-mentoring approach which allows for senior leaders to pick up on areas that the younger generation are more attuned to – social media and digital platforms just to name a few.
Our people are the backbone of our Company, which propels the organisation to greater heights.
By providing opportunities to our greatest assets, we will not only help them achieve their goals, but also motivate them to contribute to the Company’s growth.

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