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Nestlé Annual Report 2017.
Nestlé is more than just the largest food and beverage company in the world. It is now evolving as the world’s leader in nutrition, health and wellness. From the start, nutrition has been at the core of our business. However, today we place far greater emphasis on it ~ and on health and wellness.

Food and beverage play an increasingly important role in people’s lives ~ not only because of the enjoyment and social pleasure of eating together, but more and more in terms of personal health and nutrition. Although this is an important aspect, consistent quality and safety, as well as value-for-money and convenience, all play a part. Above all, great taste is fundamental to our products and our consumers’ appreciation of good food.

For continued success and growth, Nestlé is committed to the consumer and focused on meeting their needs, hence building consumer trust in the Company as well as in our brands and products. The Company will go on offering high quality, safe and trusted food and beverage products, providing nutrition, health and wellness, delighting our consumers day after day.


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