NESTLÉ Ice Cream in Stick

NESTLÉ Ice Cream in Stick

NESTLÉ offers its ice cream in various formats and stick is one of the most common format offered. The stick format ice cream offer range like TROPHY, CRUNCH and Vanilla Choc.

TROPHY offers 2 variants, TROPHY Vanilla Dazzle which offers creamy vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate and TROPHY Almond Chocolate Dazzle a chocolate ice cream with almond nuts pieces coated with chocolate.

Vanilla Choc offers vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating and CRUNCH leveraging from the famous confectionery brand offers vanilla ice cream with chocolate core and coated with chocolate with rice crisp.

While the NESTLÉ Ice Cream in stick offers various taste and texture, NESTLÉ ice confection in stick offers similar variety with range such as the evergreen TROPICANA Lime Vanilla and APPLE SOURZ. TROPICANA Lime Vanilla offers the combination of lime ice confection with vanilla ice cream as core. APPLE SOURZ offers apple and strawberry flavored core coated with apple flavored ice confection.

Enjoy the goodness of authentic ice potong stick with new POTONG Red Bean from NESTLÉ! Bite into one and discover a savory core of crunchy red beans.