NESCAFÉ Latte Caramel


NESCAFÉ Latte Coconut
For the first time in Malaysia, you’ll get to enjoy a taste of the tropics in a latte with NESCAFÉ Latte Coconut. The exotic aroma and creamy texture of fresh coconut and the excellent flavour of coffee gives NESCAFÉ Latte Coconut a rather enticing and distinctive taste. Savour the smell and indulge your taste buds while you’re at it because we can’t imagine a better way to greet the day.

NESCAFÉ Latte Caramel
NESCAFÉ Latte Caramel is a delicious white, milky, frothy coffee that gives you a luscious caramelicious taste to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha
Made with real coffee and rich chocolate, NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha is a sensational brew for chocolate and coffee lovers alike. Rich and velvety to the senses, just one sip of this delicious goodness will have you feeling as if you’re floating on cloud nine. A delicious alternative to regular coffee,NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha lets your taste buds bloom with the lively union of these two flavours.

Nescafe Latte Hazelnut
The delight starts way before you take a sip. Breathe in the rich, tempting, nutty aroma. Then, take a sip of NESCAFÉ Latte Hazelnut and melt into happiness over the perfect blend of smooth, creamy coffee and a delicious, aromatic hazelnut flavour.

  • Not bitter, creamy with the right balance of coffee
  • Aromatic, smooth coffee with a nutty flavour
  • Made with a blend of high quality coffee beans, creamer and sugar
  • Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home
  • Convenient single-serve sachets
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