MAGGI Royale

MAGGI Royale

The MAGGI Royale is a brand new range of MAGGI! Have you really tasted the best? Take the taste adventure today!

Comes in the following variant:

MAGGI Royale Penang Seafood Curry, made from exceptionally springy noodles in a deliciously rich seafood broth. A superior chili paste made with sun-dried chilies, and the only one with real toasted belacan. It's the Best of the Best in taste, aroma and texture.

MAGGI Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef, consists of the rich taste of pan-fried beef ribs braised to flavour a spicy broth. Exceptionally springy noodles garnished with real vegetables and hot chillies. A dish to set your taste buds on fire and the FIRST in Malaysia!

The new MAGGI Royale Sarawak Sambal Laksa brings you a culinary treat from the Land of the Hornbills. We have taken the warm and noble flavours of 8 herbs and spices, blended and toasted it with the sambal chili paste. Combined with a savoury chicken flavor and prawn broth, with a hint of fresh lemongrass and lime flavor, each spoonful evokes a wonderful taste of Sarawak.

The new MAGGI Royale Johor Seafood Laksa truly evokes the taste of a Johor classic. It comes packed with real toasted belacan, sun-dried chilies and anchovies. Swirled into a broth that tastes of the ocean infused with fresh prawn, fish flavours and a touch of meat-like garnish, each mouthful is a bite to savour.



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