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Beverage - NESCAFÉ Milano

Beverage - NESCAFÉ Milano


NESCAFÉ Milano 8/60

  • Dimension: 66cm(H)x 57cm(D)x 46cm(W)
  • Weight : 36kg
  • Maximum 14 choices of beverage
  • Monthly fee
  • No minimum products purchase requirement



NESCAFÉ Milano Premium Blend

Imported from France, it is made from a premium blend of roasted Arabica beans from South America and a hint of Robusta beans from Vietnam. Good body & full roasty flavor.

Pack size: 10 x 250g



NESTLÉ MILANO Skimmed Milk Powder

Imported from France, it is 100% pure natural milk, skimmed & powdered for that perfect micro bubble froth and milk taste.
99% Fat free.

Pack size: 10 x 500g.



NESTLÉ Hot Chocolate

Imported from Australia, this is a complete mix of milk and cocoa for that rich chocolatey taste. 98.5% fat free.

Pack size: 12 x 750g