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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain division ensures that products are planned, produced and delivered to retail shelves in full, on time, in fresh condition, and without any damage to the packaging. This is achieved by working with many functions within the Company in a networked and collaborative manner. Demand Planners work closely with Marketing and Sales to determine market demand. Supply Planners collaborate with Production and Purchasing to ascertain raw materials availability and production volumes. Warehouse Operations manages the inventory, and Customer Service and Distribution ensures that full delivery is made to customers on time.

The professionals who manage the supply chain come from many fields, such as logistics, business management, statistics and manufacturing. These skill sets are important and essential to ensuring the supply of the right products to customers and consumers. The top deliverable of the Supply Chain division is timely availability and speed to market, and a career in this function offers candidates the opportunity to access an excellent network, as well as challenges, achievements and recognition.