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WWF Project for the conservation of the Setiu Wetlands


Impact Area

  • Communities
  • Community engagement
  • Compliance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Gender balance & diversity
  • Individuals & Families
  • Nutrition
  • Planet
  • Rural development
  • Water
Jun 24, 2019
WWF Project for the conservation of the Setiu Wetlands
Aims to empower the local community (especially women) with skills and knowledge to participate in sustainable development activities that will help enhance their socio-economy which will eventually lead to sustainable management of the Setiu Wetlands, an area that is rich in biodiversity.

Value to Society

- Income generation for local community
- Improved opportunities and empowerment for women as the guardians of the wetlands
- Potential model case study to other communities for replication
- Protect environment for future generations

Value to Nestlé

- Strengthening relationship with local community and NGO partner (WWF-Malaysia)
- Corporate reputation