Satisfying Malaysia’s BIG Appetite for MAGGI Kari

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MAGGI cooked up a big surprise for Malaysians at the 56th Merdeka Day celebrations with the launch of MAGGI BIG Kari! Dedicated to all Malaysian MAGGI Kari fans, MAGGI BIG Kari is the answer to MAGGI Kari fans who find that cooking 1 pack of MAGGI Kari is not enough, but 2 packs are too much – giving MAGGI Kari fans not just a bigger pack but bigger satisfaction!

After all, MAGGI Noodles has been very much a part of Malaysia, part of us – loved by young and old, across races and throughout different regions – North to South and West to East! And across Malaysia there are proud MAGGI Kari fans! And why not?! Only MAGGI Kari has the unique curry taste and aroma that is so irresistible, smelling it makes you want to eat and cook one bowl for yourself. This is because MAGGI Kari is made using a secret blend of spices, cooked to perfection as only MAGGI knows how and combined with high quality wheat that gives us the springy noodles we like. All these bring back memories, from the nights Mum prepared it, to nights at the university hostel sharing bowls of MAGGI Kari with friends, and even to being the first real dish we cooked when we get married! The list of delicious MAGGI Kari moments goes on and on… and it can only get better with the new MAGGI BIG Kari that gives us more noodles and definitely more satisfaction!


There was also a special appearance by MAGGI BIG Kari’s BIG brand ambassador Aaron Aziz who is a MAGGI Kari fanatic himself! During the celebration, Aaron shared his love for MAGGI BIG Kari by joining his fellow Kari fans in the exclusive sampling, handing out special prizes and mystery gifts as well as MAGGI BIG Kari samples to 3,000 lucky MAGGI Kari fans!

Khoo Khar Koon, Head of Communications of Nestle Malaysia said, "Since MAGGI Kari noodles was introduced in 1971, it has been Malaysia’s all-time favorite noodles and loved across generations. At Nestle, we always listen to our consumers and are obsessed with delighting them… From research we learn that many MAGGI Kari fans find that one packet is not enough and two is too much. Therefore we designed for them the new MAGGI Big Kari with more noodles and to give more satisfaction, bringing them bigger pack and bigger satisfaction."

MAGGI Big Kari is now available in Peninsula Malaysia for RM5.50 per multipack.

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The core mission of MAGGI, a recognized global brand that has become a household name in Malaysia, is to create good-food moments that bring families closer together. Through its wide range of products, MAGGI helps mothers to prepare tasty and balanced homemade meals for their families every day. With strong heritage in noodles and culinary solutions, MAGGI has continuously responded to the ever evolving needs of meal providers with continuous investments in understanding local consumers taste and cuisine. Translating these into product innovations that have been loved by Malaysian families for generations.


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