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As part of the MILO FLAME OF ENERGY initiative, MILO Malaysia has partnered with Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) in an effort to collect more than 2.7 million units of energy as a form of encouragement to fuel the Malaysian contingent in the upcoming 27th SEA Games in Myanmar.

The annual marathon was officially launched by the Chief Minister of Penang YB Lim Guan Eng as he lit up the cauldron of MILO Flame of Energy.

For every marathon runner in the PBIM who pledges their support for the Malaysian Contingent through MILO FLAME OF ENERGY initiative, each completed kilometer of their run will be converted into units of energy that will fuel the flame!

Speaking at the launch of the marathon, Executive Director of Dairy Business Unit, Nestle Malaysia, Ho Hau Chieh said, "Our athletes' journey will not be easy and it is important that the athletes receive all the support and encouragement from the nation to fuel their journey, giving them the energy to go further during the 27th SEA Games."

"To date, we have collected more than 500,000 pledges from Malaysian and with the great participation of runners today at the marathon, we will definitely be hitting our 2.7 million mark,” Ho further adds.

Under the initiative, Malaysians can show their support by spreading the flame in lighting up the virtual torch on the official MILO's website. With a simple swipe of a finger, supporters have been igniting the Flame of Energy, allowing the virtual flame to grow larger and larger.

Other ways Malaysians have been showing their support to the contingent are by extending their well wishes through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by using the official hashtag - #MILOforMALAYSIA.

On MILO's partnership with PBIM, Ho commented, "With MILO's vast expertise in organizing sporting events, we have been working closely with the organizers over the years in providing a safe environment and successful experience for the runners."

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About MILO Malaysia

MILO, the leading nutritious chocolate malt beverage in Malaysia was first introduced in 1950. With over 60 years of presence in Malaysian homes, MILO has been known for its unique, delicious choco-malty taste as well as its nutritional benefits that are loved by generations. A health-food drink packed with the natural goodness of malt, skimmed milk and cocoa, MILO is one of the biggest and most popular breakfast beverages in Malaysian homes.

MILO contains PROTOMALT, a malt extract with a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provides energy and nutrients the body needs, and ACTIGEN-E, a unique combination of 8 vitamins and 4 minerals which enables the optimal release of energy from food.

For over six decades, MILO takes an active part in the promotion of balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. MILO is deeply committed to building grassroots sports from local, district and national level – nurturing young Malaysians to become champions of the nation. These efforts have made MILO a household name through the generations, consistently educating the evolving consumers on MILO's core brand promise of energy and nutrition.

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