Malaysians energized on Malaysia Breakfast Day with MILO

To Press Releases listSerdang,May 19, 2013

Malaysians witnessed an overwhelming response from MILO's breakfast gathering in the country today: Malaysia Breakfast Day is brought to us by MILO Malaysia.

Malaysia Breakfast Day was held in conjunction with the nationwide campaign, The MILO Breakfast Movement, with the mission to deepen the relevance of breakfast among Malaysians and to drive action through behavioural-change activities.

According to Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad who was present at Malaysia Breakfast Day to support the cause: "Nestlé, as a company, has always been committed to focus on nourishing Malaysians and deliver our promise to bring 'Good Food, Good Life' to all members of society. MILO is truly a brand custodian representing the Nestlé's corporate mission; I am proud to be part of the brand's commitment in its long-term advocacy of breakfast adopting in Malaysia – and I am sure that this is the first of many breakfast days to come."

A total of 7,589 runners participated in the Fun Run with the 7km run designed for serious runners while the 3km run designed for parents and children. "We are happy to have more than 15,000 Malaysians who started Malaysia Breakfast Day with us with a good morning run before we unwind to enjoy breakfast," said Ho Hau Chieh, Executive Director, Dairy Business Unit.

Participants of the 3km run, Susan Khoo, had a great time bonding with her daughter, Kim Khoo during the run: "We never missed breakfast as we believe that the first meal of the day is what keeps our energy going. We also think that this is one of the critical reasons why we always return from our races rewarded."

The key to a breakfast gathering is breakfast! MILO collaborated with various parties to prepare a wide breakfast selection that truly represents the wonderful variety and colours of the Malaysian cuisine. Breakfast meals from 'putu mayam', half-boiled eggs, 'chee cheong fun', 'nasi dagang' to healthy and light sandwiches and fusion salads were available during the day.

"A lot of Malaysians are aware that breakfast is important, however, our busy lives permit us to think that breakfast skipping is okay because we have prior commitments. The objectives of Malaysia Breakfast Day hit home run when we combine a day of entertainment, education, bonding, and, at the same time, be reminded of the benefits of a healthy balanced breakfast every morning," added Ho. "Action speaks louder than words; Malaysia Breakfast Day has set the stage and will continue to drive us to take actions in what we have been advocating all along."

Free health screening programs were available at the MILO Wellness Tent for attendees to check on their blood pressure and Body Mass Index. Corporate Wellness Manager of Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd., Ms Cher Siew Wei was also there to share with the participants on the importance of breakfast for children and adults and how it can bring them further in achieving daily goals.

Attendees were seen engaging with Celebrity Master Chef, Chef Sabri Hassan with his sense of humour and antics while demonstrating healthy breakfast recipes such as the "MILO Muesli with Assorted Fruits" and "MILO Pancakes served with Fruit Salsa and Vanilla Sauce".

MILO Malaysia urged those at Malaysia Breakfast Day to continue to submit their pledge to support the campaign and its cause. With 107,793 pledges to date, MILO would translate them into breakfasts for young Malaysians to adopt the habit of breakfast from a young age.

The day saw a stream of supporters from all walks of life: Ho Ro Bin (World Champion for the World Wushu Championship in 1999 and 2005), Moh Siew Wei (100m national record huddler), Nurul Fatiha (national gymnast coach and RTM sports presenter), Linora Low (Deejay and health enthusiast), Aida Sue (writer and Twitter celebrity), etc.

Linora Low thought that the campaign is brilliant because it creates awareness on the benefits of breakfast. "It's a good idea of MILO to create the movement and Malaysia Breakfast Day. The variety of stores and Chef Sabri's stage cooking session, I believe, will give Malaysian families more ideas on breakfast recipes without compromising on nutritional values. I am glad to see massive crowd of participants joining us to support good and healthy eating habits today," she said.

Ho stressed that Malaysia Breakfast Day is not a one-time event. "We are here to stay and so is the campaign." With MILO Malaysia's determination and motivation to advocate for breakfast, the day will be held every year to keep the momentum going as the healthy breakfast habit should be adopted actively and not just in the heat of the moment.

"We want all to celebrate the day of breakfast with us –wherever they are."

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