A Feast of Flavours at Nestlé ROCKS Charity Bazaar Raises over RM70,000 for A Good Cause

To Press Releases listPETALING JAYA,Dec 22, 2016

Nestlé Malaysia continues to make a positive difference with its Reaching Out to Community and Kids (ROCKS) Employee Volunteer Programme! The leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company once again hosted its annual Nestlé ROCKS Charity Bazaar in a bid to raise funds for charitable causes. This year, the ROCKin’ Bazaar successfully raised a total of RM70,540.

Attracting hundreds of guests, this year’s fun-filled ROCKin’ bazaar was themed ‘Markets of the World’, which saw Nestlé volunteers, fondly known as “ROCKers”, set up sales booths representing different countries, each with their own unique and colourful décor. Held at the lobby of Surian Tower, a total of 23 booths were set up with 21 Nestlé departments participating.

Mr Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, commented, “Our philosophy of Creating Shared Value is a fundamental aspect of Nestlé’s way of doing business. The ROCKS programme is a core part of this, providing a platform for our employees to actively take part in our charitable efforts and contribute to society. It is wonderful to see so many of our employees committed to this programme, and with the funds raised at the charity bazaar, we are confident that ROCKS will continue to make a meaningful impact on deserving causes in the community.”

The bazaar offered a wide array of delectable delights inspired by local and international cuisine, along with popular Nestlé products such as MILO, NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO, KIT KAT, Nestlé BLISS and many others. Nestlé ROCKers were also dressed up in national costumes from all over the world to attract visitors to their booths. One of the many booths that drew a big crowd was the Germany booth, with ROCKers dressed up in the traditional Bavarian dirndl, offering authentic dishes such as chicken bratwurst. While savouring goodies from the bazaar, visitors also penned down their thoughts and best wishes to the charity homes on the festive placards provided.

“This year, the funds raised by our ROCKin’ Bazaar was not only more than our collection last year, it exceeded our target for this year! We were certainly overjoyed with the great response from the visitors, some of whom said they came last year as well. The guests were very keen to lend their support to this bazaar, as it benefits those in need in the community,” said Mr Mohd Shaiful Sharudin, a Nestlé ROCKer.

The proceeds were channeled to three charitable organisations, which were Pusat Jagaan Lambaian Kasih, Rumah Kasih Harmoni and Rumah Victory Elderly Home. The homes care for underprivileged children, single mothers, senior citizens and disadvantaged communities. Puan Eliza Mohamed, Director of Group Corporate Affairs for Nestlé Malaysia along with a team of Nestlé ROCKers personally visited the homes to present the contributions of RM10,000 each.

Mr Jamaluddin bin Wahab, Headmaster of Rumah Kasih Harmoni, one of the recipients of the ROCKS Bazaar said, “We would like to sincerely thank Nestlé for organising this fundraising drive, as well as all the kind-hearted souls who contributed to it. The fact that Nestlé came to our home personally was also very touching. This will indeed go a long way in allowing us to do more to help the underprivileged children in our care.”

Meanwhile, the remainder of the proceeds will be utilised by the ROCKS programme for future initiatives. In fact, visitors at the bazaar even had the opportunity to cast their votes to choose among 11 proposed charitable activities, such as feeding the homeless, refurbishing animal shelters and cooking for the underprivileged.The top 5 activities selected will be carried out as part of the ROCKS programme.

Reflecting the Company’s commitment to make a positive impact in society, Mr Hofbauer together with fellow ROCKers also distributed Nestlé products to the homeless community of Kuala Lumpur. This was done in partnership with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, and contributions included NESCAFÉ Tarik Can, MILO Nuggets, MILO Nutri G, KOKO KRUNCH as well as refreshing iced MILO from a MILO van.

About Reaching Out to Community and Kids (ROCKS) Programme

Since its inception in 2005, Nestlé Malaysia’s ROCKS Employee Volunteer Programme has succeeded in enriching the lives of those in need within the community. Over the past decade, Nestlé ROCKS programme has organised a host of activities, including building homes for the needy in Kg. Hulu Tamu, together with TetraPak, community outreach to the Orang Asli community in Ulu Batu, Ulu Yam, as well as visits to old folks’ homes and activities with underprivileged children during festive occasions such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Deepavali.

About Nestlé Malaysia

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer and a leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, is headquartered in Switzerland. Since 1866, Nestlé has been committed to providing high quality, tasty, safe and nutritious products to our consumers, in line with our promise of Good Food, Good Life. Nourishing Malaysians since 1912, Nestlé has earned the trust of our consumers through our quality brands and products, as well as our commitment to improve the lives of the communities in which we operate. At Nestlé, our consumers are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to delight our consumers by offering the best quality products; staying true to our Swiss roots while maintaining our Halal excellence and integrity. To learn more about how we have been nourishing Malaysians for over a century, do visit www.nestle.com.my or our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/NestleMalaysia

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