All-Time Malaysian Favourites now in ‘Aiskrim Potong’

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Shared memories bring families closer through familiar tastes, experiences and traditions. The new Nestlé Aiskrim TRADISI helps you relive these warm moments of togetherness through tradition.

Your favourite local classic flavours such as Sirap Bandung & Coconut Gula Melaka are now available in an ice cream. Introducing Nestlé Aiskrim TRADISI, Sirap Bandung and Coconut Gula Melaka in the form of an ‘ice cream potong’, the first in Malaysia.  

Eating together with local delicacies may just be the fondest memories for most of us. And Nestlé Aiskrim TRADISI which comes with the tagline ‘Ukir Senyuman dengan Sepotong Kenangan’ (Savor The Delightful Taste of Tradition) aims to signify creating happy family moments with tradition.

Our all new Sirap Bandung and Coconut Gula Melaka are made to authentically represent the finest traditional tastes and flavours in our Malaysian palate. Our formula is based on popular feedback from local experts – the consumers themselves!

“We, Malaysians, love our local drinks and delicacies. Drinks such as Sirap Bandung and local delicacies like Coconut Gula Melaka are evergreen. These flavours are uniquely Malaysian and resonate with our idea of home. Hence, we decided to introduce these two homegrown favourites as new flavours in our ‘potong’ ice cream range to remind Malaysians of the good old days,” said Ms. Yit Woon Lai, Business Executive Manager of Nestlé Ice Cream.

“The potong ice cream format is a classic. It is sure to bring back memories of our childhood; of the neighbourhood ice cream man ringing the bell and dishing out those precious sticks of aiskrim potong. We hope with Nestlé Aiskrim TRADISI, we can help ice cream fans relive these good memories, especially when it comes in flavours that Malaysians love and enjoy,” continued Yit.

Nestlé Aiskrim TRADISI is available in hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. It comes in a multipack of 8 stick per pack at an affordable price of RM7.90. There are 3 variants available, for each individual pack you may choose either Sirap Bandung, Gula Melaka or Red Bean depending on your preferences.

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