Nestlé Malaysia’s MD talks about the Company’s success story and its exciting innovations on ASTRO Awani

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Nestlé Malaysia’s MD talks about the Company’s success story and its exciting innovations on ASTRO Awani 

On 25th August 2015, Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé Malaysia, appeared in an exclusive interview on ASTRO Awani’s Tamu Awani programme. During the lively 30-minute interview, Alois shed light on Nestlé’s strategy for success, its brand new product innovations, as well as on the talented people running the business.

The interview also highlights snippets of commercials and features of our latest products in the market, as well as our iconic household brands, including MILO, MILO Nutri G, MAGGI Royale Noodle range, NESCAFÉ Blend & Brew, and KIT KAT Rubies, to name a few.

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Outlined below are excerpt from the interview:

Can you share with us the strategy that drives Nestlé to remain a premium brand within Malaysia, or even Southeast Asia for that matter?

  • The basics are first and foremost, in all that we do, the consumer is placed first. So, it is about building the trust between the consumer and the company, building trust between the consumer and our products and what we live on and this is our slogan, ‘Good Food’. This is the highest quality food, great taste in food and ‘Good Life’.

  • It is not only about great taste but also about nutrition and nourishment. Having delivered this day on day, month after month, year on year, this relationship between the Malaysian consumer and the company has grown very strong and that is why today, we are still flourishing even in challenging economic times.

Would we see more local or Malaysian-based products from Nestlé being offered in the future?

  • I think the beauty of Malaysia is because we are such a well-established company, we have earned consumers’ trust. Many of the first products in the Nestlé world are coming out of Malaysia. We can be very, very proud about that, as this reflects the relationship between Nestlé and Malaysia. For example, I just introduced to you the first in the world, the wholegrain MILO Nutri-G.

  • We have launched a couple of other products, such as the KIT KAT Rubies. It’s the first Kit Kat with truffle fillings in a gift format. First in the world and most likely, we are goingto export the product around the world. We have even received inquiries from places as far as Brazil and South Africa.

  • There are a lot of other new products which we have developed specifically for the Malaysian market. First of all, you have to serve the local consumers, and because it becomes a success here, we are rolling them out in the rest of the world. I have to say that gives me a lot of pride because Malaysia is not only a prime mover in the world, it is making a big impact in the Nestlé world, which makes us really proud.

Can you share with us some highlights of Nestlé Malaysia’s employees who have contributed to the development and also success of the company?

  • I think what is quite unique about Nestlé is that we still have a lot of people who have stayed with us for a lifetime which is very unique in today’s environment, people are switching jobs etc.

  • I’m also proud to say that most of our senior managers are home-grown Malaysian talents. Our Technical Director is running a huge operation, close to 5000 people in 9 factories, one of the biggest technical operations there are in Asia. He is a local here and he grew with us over the last 20 years and he was exposed to places like Australia, Turkey and so on and we have many of these examples.

  • We give our most talented young people a chance and exposed these people in the development programme to other places around the world. It’s not only that they can make a good career in Malaysia and in the region but they can actually make a growth of their career.