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7 great ways to end your day

7 great ways to end your day

Breathing exercises

The right breathing actually helps to oxygenate your blood, which in turn relaxes and destresses your body. Here’s how:
  • Sit or stand up straight and close your eyes.
  • Exhale completely.
  • Then slowly breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth like a whisper.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • A good tip to follow is to expand only your abdomen and chest when breathing and keeping your shoulders stationary.

Take a long, hot bath

It does wonders for your circulation and relaxing your tense and tired body.

Switch off the TV

Switch on the Music. It’s therapeutic.

Take a long walk

20 minutes around your neighborhood or in a park would be ideal. If you could even squeeze in a 10-minute walk, it will be most beneficial than not walking at all. Even the simplest activity for a few minutes helps your brain to release "endorphins" which make you feel happy and positive.

Find an activity you enjoy

Take a creative or craft class. Take just 1 hour of your time a week to join an Arts & Crafts or Yoga class, you’d be surprised at the difference it would make to your mental and physical outlook and appearance! This type of activity relaxes and refreshes you.

Have a fun conversation with your loved one

Talk to your husband or a close family member or friend. Sometimes talking out some of your negativity is positive for all parties. You will feel better and the person you shared it with will feel good for being able to help.

Pick up a bedtime hobby

Reading simple lifestyle magazines and books with short stories and articles. Best done just before you sleep.