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Young at heart, young in mind

Ageless inner beauty
Does staying young at heart mean shaking the dust off your bellbottoms and cranking up that loud "go-go" music? Well, besides that, it’s about having a positive outlook on life. A youthful zest for new experiences will help you achieve wellness while giving you ageless inner beauty.

Be around children

What better way to keep your heart young than to be with the young? Offer to volunteer at a children’s shelter or teach a youth sports team.

Staying young with new skills

Take up something that’s always interested you. Whether it’s a language class, health food cooking, or even line dancing. Ask your friends or family members or look through newspaper advertisements for more information.

Put together a recipe book

Know some great recipes? Share these with the next generation by collecting your family favourites and putting them together in a beautiful scrapbook. It’s a great way to spend time together and will make for precious memories someday.

Get active with old friends

Use the time on your hands to reconnect with your old school pals. Meet up at the park for group exercise or participate in a treasure hunt together. To boost energy during any of these activities, you can snack on papayas or bananas.

Take time for others

Nothing makes us feel better about ourselves than lending a helping hand. You can do this by volunteering at a charity organisation that serves a cause close to your heart.