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Corporate Philosophy

  • Be the leading multinational company in food, nutrition, health and wellness.
  • Manufacture and produce world-class products of the highest consistent quality, reliability and convenience based on business excellence principles throughout our operations.
  • Maximise the use of good quality local raw materials .
  • Be an exemplary employer with a progressive human resource and social policy; with a management style that is based on "Management Commitment and People Involvement"
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen, fulfilling all obligations to Government, shareholders, customers, communities and consumers.
  • Protect the environment by being committed to environmentally sound business practices, and taking into account the need to preserve natural resources and save energy.
  • Guarantee that all products manufactured, imported and distributed by Nestlé Malaysia are certified HALAL by authorised Islamic certification bodies.
  • Deliver shareholder value through the achievement of sustainable and profitable long-term growth.