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Promoting waste separation at home

We understand that plastic pollution and waste mismanagement is not an easy task and one that we simply cannot win without working together. We believe that educating and helping our local communities rise to the challenge of adopting responsible waste management and recycling habits at home is absolutely vital in ensuring positive changes.

This is why we joined hands with the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) in 2020 to launch a Recycling and Door-to-Door Collection programme in Petaling Jaya as a voluntary Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative, with the aim of implementing a more effective and integrated system of solid waste management.

Since its inception, the programme has engaged over 150,000 households across Selangor and the Greater Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with various municipals and concessionaire Alam Flora Environmental Solutions. Over 5,000 tonnes of recyclable waste in which more than 2,000 tonnes are of plastic materials were collected, preventing them from ending in the landfill or leaking into the environment.

The pioneering initiative with MBPJ has been recognised by both the United Nations Environment Programme and Ministry of Environment Malaysia as a best practice towards advocating separation at source amongst local communities.;

Our efforts to support better waste management systems extends beyond urban areas in Malaysia, as Solid Waste Management issues are most often seen in suburban areas. Starting off as an eight-week pilot project in collaboration with Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, we assessed the efficiency of door-to-door collection of recyclables using tricycles at two suburban villages in Shah Alam. Following the conclusion of the pilot project, we expanded this programme in December 2022, engaging 1,600 households in Kampung Sungai Kandis and more than 923 households in Kampung Jalan Kebun.

Additionally, we are exploring various mechanism for apartment recycling. Initially catering to 540 households in Seksyen 18 and Seksyen 24, we expanded our Strata Recycling Programme to two additional strata buildings in 2022 together with MBPJ, catering to 600 residential units with a total collection of approximately 2,300 tonnes of post consumer recyclables.

In light of the rapid expansion of our recycling programmes, we have played a pivotal role in bolstering the capabilities of KPT Recycle, our recycling partner. Together, we have spearheaded the development of their semi-automated Material Recovery Facility, tailored to meet the escalating demands of our program. This sophisticated facility now stands capable of effectively sorting a daily volume of up to 30 tonnes of recyclable materials.

Recycling At Home

With the various EPR initiatives in place, we aim to drive greater awareness on post-consumer waste and help cultivate a better recycling mind-set and behaviour amongst more Malaysian households. This is also supportive of the Government’s target to reach a National Recycling Rate of 40% by 2025.

Recycling and Door-to-Door Collection programme

We are very pleased that our collection programme has achieved a strong participation rate thus far and continues to see a good response from Malaysians. This is a clear indicator that Malaysians Boleh and want to recycle.

By providing convenient access to recycling, such as setting up regular waste collection services and educating the public on how to easily segregate waste at home, we are making recycling an easy option for everybody.

Juan Aranols
Juan Aranols Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad