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Working at Nestlé

Working at Nestlé

Sharing a purpose

Nestlé believes in the power of food to improve people's quality of life. With this purpose, we constantly aim to push the boundaries of what's possible with food, beverages, and nutritional health solutions.

People who works at Nestlé are the key to the strength of our brand, the quality of our products and the future of our business. Their creative and innovative ideas allow us to push our boundaries, drive innovation and help us to always improve, deliver and succeed.

Find out more on how you can help shape our future and make a positive impact everyday.

Innovate, challenge and drive change

Joining Nestlé means joining a collaborative, agile working environment that stretches your thinking and encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Joining Nestlé also means joining a part of Nestlé's culture that is rooted in respect, empowered to experiment and to learn from failure. At Nestlé, you can step outside your comfort zone and be confident to innovate, challenge and drive change. Nestlé listens and values your voice because we believe that experience has taught us that we achieve far more together than we can alone.


Find a place to learn, develop and grow

Nestlé is present around the world in almost 190 countries. We offer a global platform for you to learn, develop and grow to your full potential. The scale of our business offers global career opportunities across different brands and products, and the opportunity to learn from the diverse range of skills and backgrounds of the colleagues around you. With this, we will challenge and empower you to be the greatest version of yourself.


Contribute to our outstanding portfolio

Chances are that you are already familiar with some of Nestlé's brands and products. Our portfolio covers almost every food and beverage category. By joining us, you can contribute to our outstanding portfolio. We hope you will find some of your favorites.


Create a positive impact

To enhance the quality of our daily lives, we believe in the power of 'good'. This belief fuels our commitments. We use our global scale, resources and expertise to contribute to a healthier future for people and the planet. Joining Nestlé means that you are joining a company that is committed to make a positive impact.

Positive impact


Enjoy a range of attractive employee benefits here at Nestlé:

  • Rewards
    You’ll be recognized for your contribution with a competitive salary and benefits package. Other benefits include savings plans, insurances, loans, and discounted or free Nestlé products. You could even grab a bargain on retail products, services and activities.
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  • Hybrid Working Opportunities
    At Nestlé Malasyia, we have different working environments. Depending on your job and location, you could benefit from flexible working opportunities, participate in volunteering programs, and much more.
  • International mobility
    Nestlé offers the opportunities to develop your career in other countries. We believe that global mobility plays an important part in developing Nestlé’s talent and our brands.
  • Online Staff Shop
    As a Nestlé staff, you are entitled to a monthly purchase of Nestlé  products via The Nest Store on Shopee. Join us and shop your favourite Nestlé products at discounted prices.
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  • Health & Wellbeing at Work
    To be resilient and feel good as you go about your daily activities, it is more crucial than ever that you have mental support at home and at work. When the unexpected occurs or you feel overwhelmed, Nestlé offers employee support and careline.
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  • Parenthood Benefits
    Our global Maternity Protection Policy (pdf, 1 Mb) is one of the most progressive programmes of its kind in the industry. It includes maternity protection for all primary caregivers of newborns, including fathers and adoptive parents. This means at least 14 weeks paid maternity leave and the right to extend leave up to 6 months. The policy covers employment protection and non-discrimination, a healthy and breastfeeding-friendly work environment, and flexible work arrangements. Nestlé also provides parental support policy to foster a supportive environment for employees and their families by promoting infant feeding.

At Nestlé, your managers care for you, your colleagues care for you, everyone is always ready to help. It's just an environment where everyone is trying to help you grow and help you to be the best you can be.

Nestlé is amazing because it gives me the opportunity to unlock my potential and contribute to the success of the company every day. I feel recognized for every activity I perform, and I have that feeling since my first day, when I started as an intern.

The reasons I love working at Nestlé are the variety of roles and experiences you can have throughout your career and the feeling of endless opportunity as a result. Not only in terms of the kinds of businesses and categories, but also that, as we build relationships and work so closely with other countries and global teams, you really feel that a career at Nestlé could take you anywhere in the world.