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Water is one of the most critical resources on earth. It is also one of the core resources at the heart of our value chain, making it a key focus area for us.

We strive to minimise our impact on water resources and are continuously looking for opportunities to better manage our water consumption and the water that we discharge. We take proactive measures to ensure that our water-related activities do not disrupt local water quality and availability.

A body of water

Our operations are guided by the Commitment on Water Stewardship in the Nestlé Policy on Environmental Sustainability. The Nestlé Global Water Stewardship Ladder also serves as a point of reference to address the water management issues specific to our operational context by setting out a roadmap for effective shared water consumption and management.

We strive to reduce our impact on water resources throughout our manufacturing operations with key initiatives aimed at lowering our water consumption. This includes reusing processing water for vacuum pumps and process pumps, optimising water supply pressure in selected operation units and recycling processed water to social blocks and selected operations.

Guided by our commitment to achieve water efficiency and sustainability across our operations, we continue to see reductions in our specific water consumption year on year.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Our efforts include:

Wastewater Treatment Plant

We apply efficient technologies and methods to treat the water we use, prior to reusing or releasing into the environment. We are committed to treating the effluents from our operations in a responsible manner and adhere to strict quality requirements for returning used water to the environment.

All Nestlé factories complexes have wastewater treatment plants and 100% of the wastewater from our factories is treated before discharge using biological treatment.

Waste water treatment plant in our Shah Alam Complex

Direct Potable Reuse System

Installed in Shah Alam Factory, this system treats used industrial water to drinking quality water via reverse osmosis and reduces water usage by 25% at non-production areas of the factory. The treated water is used at cooling towers and social blocks.

A Nestlé employee checking water from the DPRS system