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Feel free to talk to us on social media!

We’re always welcoming new users to check out our social media channels and greatly value any feedback and engagement. In order to create productive conversations on our platforms for all users, it is important that we highlight a few simple rules which applies to all our corporate and brand social media channels aimed at keeping the debate and conversations as open and constructive as possible.

Our rules include:

  1. Keep it clean: no indecent or otherwise inappropriate posts and graphic/imagery.
  2. Play fair: no libelous, defamatory, bullying, harassing, threatening or abusive posts.
  3. No personal attacks: don’t attack others with extreme language or any form of personal attacks. It disrupts the conversation and may hurt other users. Avoid any aggressive, defamatory or threatening posts. Do mind your wording and tone when responding within our channels. Avoid posting anything inciting racial, ethnical, religious, gender or political opposition.
  4. Stay on topic: no spam, good luck/chain posts, commercial/promotional posts, nor repeated postings of unconstructive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable comments/statements.
  5. Be original: share video content, links, photographs, and text only if you have the rights to them. If you don’t own it or have permission, don’t post it.
  6. Be mindful of people’s privacy: do not invade other users’ privacy or publicity rights; and do not give out your personal information on public channels.
  7. Keep it true and legal: no misleading or deceptive posts; no unlawful purpose or activity posts.
  8. Introduce yourself: if you are affiliated with Nestlé (e.g. employee, agency, incentivised blogger/brand ambassador, etc.), be sure to let it be known. Your posts should reflect this affiliation.

In the spirit of openness, we would like to highlight upfront that any posting breaking these rules above may be hidden, removed or deleted. Having said so, we are also committed to welcoming challenging posts which may question us, as long as they’re done in a constructive way and in line with the guidelines above. We appreciate your support in this to create a safe space for everyone across our social media platforms.