How We Make Saving Water Our Priority at Nestlé Malaysia

How We Make Saving Water Our Priority at Nestlé Malaysia

Nestlé supports the United Nation’s continuous efforts to protect and safeguard the natural biodiversity of planet Earth, globally.

We do this through our Creating Shared Value efforts which focusses on Water and Environment. Here are some of the initiatives Nestlé Malaysia carries out to ensure environmental sustainability.

Project RILEAF
A riparian reforestation effort to unite the needs of people, nature and agriculture, mainly palm oil. Since its inception in 2011, Project RILEAF has planted a total of 484,580 trees which covers over 2,300 hectares of degraded forest by the banks of the Kinabatangan river in Sabah. These trees serve as a buffer zone for wild animals in the area, allowing them to thrive in their natural habitat.

Zero Landfill
Since June 2013, the Company has made many efforts to attain the Zero Landfill status, and we are pleased to announce that six out of eight factories have successfully attained Zero Landfill status. To date, we have converted 5,476 tonnes of organic waste from our operations, mainly market returns from our central warehouse, into animal feed or organic fertilisers.

Wastewater Treatment Plants
The usage of water is an integral part of our business; from our agricultural practices, our operations as well as the preparation of our food and beverages. Since 2010, Nestlé Malaysia has conserved 293,656 m³ of water, enough to sustain 3,657 people in Malaysia for a year! Nestlé ensures that all excess water from our operations is clean and safe before discharging it to the environment. Learn more about what we do.