Nestlé celebrates 10th anniversary of Nestlé Professional Beverage Centre

To Press Releases listJun 17, 2015

Nestlé celebrates anniversary of the Nestlé Professional Beverage Centre

Nestlé today celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Nestlé Professional Beverage Centre in Orbe, Switzerland, the company’s R&D facility entirely dedicated to its out-of-home beverage business. The ceremony was attended by Stefan Catsicas, Chief Technology Officer Nestlé S.A., Head of Innovation, Technology, Research and Development, and Martial Rolland, CEO of Nestlé Professional.

The event demonstrated how the Nestlé Professional beverage business is developing innovative two way digital communication with customers and consumers. Inside new generation beverage machines such as Nescafé Milano 2 and Nescafé Alegria 2, operators can now use digital platforms and new technology to increase interactive communication. A demonstration at the company’s Beverage Centre showed how, for example, a coffee machine located in a restaurant can be updated remotely by an operator located in the head-office in just a few seconds to serve a perfectly layered Latte Macchiato tailored to specific taste profiles.

Read the press release and take a look at the inforgraphic (pdf, 150Kb) on the Nestlé Professional website.