Spicing up Social Responsibility

To Press Releases listDec 23, 2015

Spicing up Social Responsibility

Nestlé has always believed in the concept of doing well, by doing good for society. We call this Creating Shared Value; a symbiotic relationship which creates value for our core business as well as the society at large. There are 3 focus areas which we support on a global level; Nutrition, Water and Environment and Rural Development.

In order to increase public awareness on the concept of Creating Shared Value, Nestlé Malaysia partnered with The Star newspaper in a 3 part StarLIVETalk series. The most recent engagement with the members of the public was on the topic of Rural Development, which highlighted Nestlé Malaysia’s Chilli Farming initiative which produces our popular MAGGI Chilli Sauce.

The Talk titled ‘Eat What You Grow’ shared some fun and easy tips for cultivating plants in the comfort of your own home.

Missed the StarLIVE session on ‘Eat What You Grow’? Watch the 5 part video here.