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A Taste of Goodness

NESTLÉ® Natural Set Yogurt
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NESTLÉ® Natural Set Yogurt, the low-fat, source of calcium for you and your family.

NESTLÉ® Natural Set Yogurt is a naturally fermented healthy ingredient in your cooking. Learn more here.

How does NUTREN® Untuk DiabetikTM bring you complete nutrition?.

NUTREN® Untuk DiabetikTM is a Sucrose and Fructose-free formulation that provides complete and balanced nutrition to help blood sugar management. Find out how this Lactose-free milk fares against your regular, everyday milk here. ... More

Add great taste to everyday dishes with MAGGI® CukupRasaTM, that your family loves to come home to.

An all in one seasoning, MAGGI® CukupRasaTM is made with fresh onions and garlics that help enhance the taste of your favourite dishes. Learn more here ... More

Have You Had a Taste of AROMALICIOUSTM?

Have you had a taste of AROMALICIOUS™? ... More

How well do you know your coffee?

Did you know that coffee doesn’t cause dehydration? Discover more knowledge about coffee and how NESCAFÉ® helps you start your day here! ... More

NESTLÉ KIT KAT® 2 Fingers is a less caloric snack compared to a regular doughnut or cake.

Made with selected ingredients for great taste and containing only 90kcal per serving, NESTLÉ KIT KAT® is Malaysia’s favourite chocolate. Discover what goes into making NESTLÉ KIT KAT® delicious and perfect for a break... More

Does NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH® contain high sugar levels?.

NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH® contains 55% less sugar than an apple while being a great source of nutrients from whole grain! Find out more about the nutrients in NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH® and how it’s the more nutritious breakfast for your child... More

Start Your Journey to a Healthy Heart with NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS®.

NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® contains ACTICOL® ! Click here to find out how it helps you block the absorption of cholesterol... More

Boost Your Child’s Nutritional Intake with MILO®!

Click here to find out how we bring energy into your child’s daily cup of goodness... More