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Taman Merdeka, Johor


Take a walk or jog around Taman Merdeka or Merdeka Park in Johor Bahru and you will not only be working towards a healthier you, you would also gain lessons about the Johor Empire.

Taman Merdeka is a recreational park, which was inspired by the country's struggle for independence. There are a total of 9 laman or lawns, each depicting a chapter in the history of the country's fight for freedom.

There is much more to Taman Merdeka than the history. Taman Merdeka is only 3km from Pusat Bandaraya Johor Bahru and was officially launched in 2011 as a community recreational park.

There are over 31 acres to explore and as such, it's the perfect place for people to walk, sight-see, jog, exercise, rock climb, swim or just come out for a breath of fresh air.

If you are planning to go for a walk or jog, you'd go through a landscape that brings you close to nature, as there are a great number of shady trees. The trees not only cool the park, but provide a shady retreat for you to rest and catch your breath, after a brisk walk or jog.

The route gives you a choice of surfaces and elevations for a good workout. There are tarred roads that have a gradient that is flat and hilly, as well as surfaces that are sandy and stony. It is recommended that you wear a good pair of walking or jogging shoes to prevent any injury.

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The large, sparkling lake, together with the trees and green open spaces offer you a serene and peaceful environment in which to stay healthy.
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