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Empowering Youths through Real Life Business Experience

University students enjoying coffee at a Nescafé pop-up store on campus.
The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow. Realising this, we strive to nurture them with the required skills to thrive. With that in mind, we established the Nescafé Youth Entrepreneurship Programme in 2016, to promote decent employment for young people and nurture diversity by empowering and grooming youths in local universities to absorb first-hand lessons in business operations.
A group of students operating a Nescafé kiosk.

Through this programme, we provide students a start-up capital to set up and manage a fully equipped Nescafé pop-up store at their campuses, gaining real-life business experiences. Beyond learning to prepare and craft delicious coffee beverages, the programme more importantly exposes students to key business learnings such as supply chain management, marketing and sales.

To date, we have 15 local campuses equipped with the Nescafé pop-up stores namely in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Sunway University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Putra Malaysia. Since its inception, the Nescafé Youth Entrepreneurship Programme has engaged 5,000 youth entrepreneurs and served more than 1.2 million students via the pop-up stores.

To recognise the efforts and achievements of budding young entrepreneurs and their respective campuses, since 2018, we have added a new element to the programme, the Nescafé Youth Entrepreneurship Awards. Along with this, we introduced a bonus challenge to allow students from the top seven universities to channel their creativity by curating and pitching original coffee recipes to our panel of judges.

With programmes such as this, we hope to continue inspiring and encouraging young Malaysians to do more, to achieve more and to be more!