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MAGGI® Hot Mealz

MAGGI® Hot Mealz™

MAGGI® Hot Mealz Kari Laksa Ayam

A bowl of rich, hearty goodness! With an irresistible creamy chicken-flavoured curry laksa broth, unique blend of 12 spices cooked to perfection, and deliciously springy noodles topped with vegetable garnishes that will leave you wanting more!

MAGGI® Hot Mealz Kari Kari Kaw

A bowl packed with flavour! With an irresistibly “kaw” curry broth made from 12 aromatic spices slow-cooked to perfection, satisfyingly springly noodles and vegetable garnishes. A truly delectable experience!

MAGGI® Hot Mealz Tom Yum

An authentic hot and sour taste made from unique blend of spices, lemongrass, and lime. Compliment by springy noodles made from Australian wheat. Topped with garnishes – making this even more irresistibly hot!

MAGGI® Hot Mealz Roasted Sesame Chicken

Rich long boiled chicken soup goes perfectly well with springy noodles topped with aromatic sesame seed oil that has been carefully roasted. A perfect harmony in a bowl, ever so comforting.

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