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Kids love the taste of refreshing, cool and awesome flavours. It is no wonder that MAT KOOL® is the most popular kids range ice cream in Malaysia.

At NESTLÉ ICE CREAM, we take pride in delighting kids and mums. That is the reason we ensure all of our products are made from the safest and highest quality ingredients. Right from the base to the colouring, they’re all NATURAL.

We are always striving to introduce new and fun offerings for our loved ones so keep your eyes peeled for the “MAT KOOL® Butterfly” –the first of its kind in the market! Inspired by the concept of sharing, this butterfly-shaped ice confection comes with 2 sticks in 1 pack. MAT KOOL® Butterfly is a combination of strawberry and grape flavoured which makes every bite absolutely refreshing!

Don’t forget about the rest of our awesome MAT KOOL® ice cream! Love a little bit of creativity in your ice cream? Then you’ll love the MAT KOOL® Split –our first “peelable” jelly ice cream in the country! Snacking doesn’t need to be unhealthy when you have the ever popular MAT KOOL® Traffic Light and MAT KOOL® Icy Grape which are packed with Vitamin C. For growing kids who are fond of sweet desserts, try our MAT KOOL® Asteroid and MAT KOOL® cup –both high in calcium. 

Rest assured, the MAT KOOL® ice cream range is free from artificial colouring! NESTLÉ always strives to provide quality products that appeal to moms and kids.

Can’t get enough? Be sure to always be on the look out for retail promotions in-store for MAT KOOL®!