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DRUMSTICK® made its Malaysian debut in 1971. Since then, DRUMSTICK® has strived to surprise the world of ice cream with innovative and unique ice creams.

DRUMSTICK® currently offers its classic range, carrying two flavours: Vanilla Classic and Chocolate Classic.

These two classic favourites are topped with a layer of enticing chocolate sauce and covered generously with nuts. With every bite into the crunchy cone coated with a layer of chocolate on the inside, you can also find crushed peanuts embedded in the ice cream for an interesting burst of flavours.

Made for coffee lovers, DRUMSTICK® revealed the first flavour of its premium range Caffe de Caramel. Savour your coffee in ice cream format with double shot of crunchy nuts, drizzled with swirls of rich caramel. It’s a hip party in every bite!

Can’t get enough? Be sure to always be on the lookout for retail promotions in-store for DRUMSTICK®!