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Benefits of Saving Every Drop

Benefits of Saving Every Drop

Benefits of Saving Every Drop

Nestlé understands that water is one of nature’s greatest gifts and we have made it a commitment to conserve water in every way possible as part of our sustainability efforts and Creating Shared Value (CSV) initiative. Globally, Nestlé is involved in 489 water-saving projects.

In Malaysia, one of the key initiatives that the Company has taken is to treat the water used in our manufacturing facilities to ensure it is safe before it is discharged to the environment via our Waste Water Treatment Plants which are present in most of our factories.

In order to increase the awareness of CSV, Nestlé was invited by The Star to share on the topic of ‘Nestlé’s Water Guide: Save Every Drop’ at The STARLIVE Talk. To create better awareness on environmentally-friendly efforts, Nestlé also organised a poster colouring contest for children aged between four and seven as part of the activities during the Session.

To view the discussions during The STARLIVE Talk, click here to view the videos.

Find out more about what we are doing in our 2014 Nestlé in Society Report.

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