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Wholesome Homemade Burger

Wholesome Homemade Burger

Preparation and Cooking Time:
30 minutes (30-60 minutes of marinating time)

5 persons

Nutritional Content (Per Serving)
Calorie: 370kcal
Carbohydrate: 42g
Protein: 22g
Fat: 12g


250g minced chicken breast
½ (medium) onions, chopped finely
¼ (medium) carrots, chopped finely
5 pieces dried Shiitake mushrooms, soaked in water to soften and cut into 0.5cm cubes
25g bread crumbs
1 (small) egg, beaten
Sugar, salt and black pepper to taste
2 tablespoons olive oil
5 (whole) wholemeal burger buns
½ tablespoon butter, for spreading
4 pieces lettuce
2 (medium) ripe tomatoes, sliced
2 tablespoons mayonnaise, for spreading


  1. Mix chicken breast with chopped onions, carrots and mushroom cubes. Add in sugar, salt and pepper to taste, bread crumbs and egg, mix well.
  2. Divide the chicken mixture into 5 equal portions. Wet your fingers and shape into round balls with your palm, then gently flatten into burger patties of around 7-8cm in diametre and 1-1.5cm thick.
  3. Leave chicken patties in the refrigerator to set and marinade for 30-60 minutes.
  4. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a medium non-stick frying pan. Fry chicken patties in 2 batches for about 4-5 minutes each side until golden brown or until chicken is fully cooked. Ladle out the patties and drain off oil with paper towel.
  5. Split burger buns, spread with a light layer of butter or toast lightly if desired. Place the bases of the buns on serving plates. Place patties on the bun base and spread some mayonnaise. Top with sliced tomatoes and lettuce and then cover with the top of bun. Served instantly.

Get your kids involved! Here are some tasks you can assign them:

  1. Spread the burger buns with a light layer of butter
  2. Assemble the burgers

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