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Laying the groundwork for sustainable coffee

For most people, coffee is a simple daily ritual. But it’s a pleasure we mustn’t take for granted. To work towards a sustainable coffee, we look at the entire value chain, from source to the shelf.

We have an opportunity to help build a better future for all in the coffee value chain: A future that is regenerative and more inclusive
Philipp Navratil

Over a decade ago, we launched a global coffee sustainability initiative called the Nescafé Plan. As part of the plan, we work towards reducing the environmental impact of coffee, from the farming to our factories.

Coffee in cup

Targeting positive environmental and social impact
From the plants to our cup, we put a lot of love into our coffee. We aim to reduce carbon emissions where we source coffee and throughout our operations. We are also addressing our coffee’s packaging materials and taking many steps to help reach Nestlé’s commitment to making its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

It’s so much more than a cup of coffee to us. It’s about helping build resilient and regenerative coffee agriculture systems. It’s about supporting the protection and restoration of forests. It’s driving sustainable livelihoods for farmers. It’s respecting human rights. From farmers, to cooperatives, to traders – by working together with nature we can reach our goals.

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We want to create shared value by helping farmers become more productive, earn more income and produce better quality coffee for consumers in a sustainable way.

Ngoc Pham Phu Agricultural Services Department Manager