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1934: Meet the MILO Supermen Who Inspired Our Super Brand

1934: Meet the MILO Supermen Who Inspired Our Super Brand

Imagine being so strong that you could lift a young bull up onto your shoulders. Legend has it that Greek athlete Milon of Croton, who won six Olympic events during the 6th century BC, could.

Milon’s myth captures the spirit of MILO, the brand that delivered on our promise of Good Food, Good Life – to help build the energy of kids in Australia suffering from poor diets and malnutrition during The Great Depression. Find out more about MILO’s Australian heritage.

MILO has since become a prominent household brand in Malaysia.

Introduced as MILO Tonic Food Drink, this well-loved beverage began its journey in Malaysia in 1950. It has become a crucial part of Malaysians’ daily lives, playing a role that goes far beyond being just a beverage. MILO began to be actively involved in the Malaysian sports scene since the 60s and has since consistently supported the development of Malaysian sports, particularly in grassroot sports.

MILO was the first to popularise the nation’s now famous battle cry, “Malaysia Boleh!” and has gained recognition for cultivating the winning spirit in the arena of Malaysian sports over the years.

Thirsty for some fun facts? Find out how the nation’s favourite cup of MILO can help you Own The Day!

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