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Creating Magically Delicious Meals With MAGGI

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Kuala Lumpur,
Leading Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé unveils its latest product, MAGGI Magic Meals, "A New Way to Create Magically Delicious Meals in your Rice Cooker" at the media launch today held at The Bee, Publika Kuala Lumpur.

Nestlé has shown a strong commitment to focus on their consumer's well-being and believes that good food is the foundation to a good life. This is a journey that Nestlé has made with Malaysian families for the past 100 years and will continue to make for the next 100 years to come.

This is also the core mission of MAGGI, a recognized global brand that has become a household name in Malaysia, to create good-food moments that strengthen togetherness among families. With strong heritage in noodles and culinary solutions, MAGGI has continuously responded to the ever evolving needs of meal providers, with strong, continuous investments in local consumers and cuisine understanding, translating these into product innovations that delight the consumers. Today, MAGGI is enabling mothers to please their families with simple yet inspiring ideas for tasty and healthier homemade meal preparations.

To reinforce MAGGI's commitment to help women prepare homemade meals, MAGGI introduces consumers to MAGGI Magic Meals. This is the first and only product in Malaysia designed to cook in a rice cooker. It is a breakthrough innovation whereby the dish is cooked in a special MAGGI cooking bag and cook together with rice in the rice cooker. The cooking bag is made with a food grade material and approved by the US and EU FDA regulations. Hence it is safe for cooking as it is also heat resistance. Cooking with MAGGI cooking bag helps to retain the flavour and nutrients from meat and vegetables to make the dish delicious and nutritious. The best part of it is, MAGGI Magic Meals TM do not require oil for cooking therefore it would be a great choice of a meal.

With just 4 simple steps, consumers will be able to create tasty homemade meals. The first step is to add the meat and vegetables with MAGGI Magic Meals recipe mix MAGGI cooking bag. Next, tie up the cooking bag and massage it gently. Thirdly, place the cooking bag onto the rice in the rice cooker. Once the timer goes off the meal is ready to be served and enjoyed!

There are three different flavours of Malaysian Favourites to choose from which are MAGGI Magic Meals 'Kari Ayam Beraroma' (Aromatic Chicken Curry), MAGGI Magic MealsTM 'Savouri Ayam Masak Merah' (Savoury Tomato Chicken) and MAGGI Magic Meals 'Ayam Kicap Berempah' (Fragrant Spiced Soy Chicken) and priced at RM3.95 per packet.

"As a celebrity, entrepreneur and a wife and mother to two children, I will always find time to prepare homemade meals for my husband and children despite my hectic schedule," said Dynas Mokhtar.

She added," I am amazed by this new product launched by MAGGI. MAGGI has always been helping me to prepare tasty and balanced meals for my family in quick and easy manner. With the new range of MAGGI Magic Meals, I am striving to cook for my family more frequent as I will need to just place the cooking bag onto the rice in the rice cooker and dinner can be served in a few minutes. This will not only provide my family with homemade meals, but it is also a healthy option because it does not require additional salt and oil."

Celebrity Sheahnee Iman Lee has used the MAGGI Magic Meals and she is of the opinion that cooking has even become more pleasurable for me as a working mother and wife.

"Time is never enough for me but I will never put aside my family regardless of that. With MAGGI Magic Meals, I spend lesser time in preparing meals and also washing the utensils as MAGGI Magic Meals only required rice cooker to prepare the meals for my family," said Sheahnee.

"We continue to develop our range of MAGGI culinary solutions as a way of helping meal preparers cook delicious yet wholesome meals in an easier way. With help from products mothers can trust, cooking becomes even more pleasurable. We at MAGGI strongly believe that home cooking should be celebrated and encouraged as it plays a huge role in our culture. It is also through cooking that we get a better understanding of the nutritional value of food and children can pick up on good food habits. If you cook with your family it is also a great bonding moment", said Rosalyn Simba, Head of the Nestle Malaysia Food Business Unit.

MAGGI believes that Happiness is Homemade, that homemade food and cooking brings families together. MAGGI will continue to invest in expanding its services to consumers through giving meal ideas or recipes, cooking and nutritional tips through its various media platforms such as the MAGGI Facebook page and the MAGGI website. The MAGGI kitchen, MAGGI Masak-Masak Studio will also be refreshed with a more contemporary look and feel to serve as a platform for consumers to experience and share the joy of cooking for themselves at MAGGI Headquarters.

Today, MAGGI is moving forward by introducing new key meal solutions to further assist and ease Malaysians in the kitchen.

Some key products within the range that helps mothers in the kitchen is MAGGI Cukuprasa, a new all-in-one seasoning that elevates the taste of fresh ingredients in one's dishes turning it from good to great. Another favourite product of mothers is the MAGGI Stock Cubes, widely used to boost the taste of family meals with its rich meaty taste, making every meal a more enjoyable one for the family. MAGGI's range of Recipe Mixes makes cooking more enjoyable with its various recipe ideas such as MAGGI Sweet & Sour Mix, and MAGGI Ayam Masak Merah Mix. Whilst MAGGI Oyster Sauce provides meatier dimensions to your stir-fried dishes and pour-overs. Today, MAGGI is known as one of Malaysia's super brands & is a leading household name.

News Release issued by Vibes Communication (M) Sdn Bhd on behalf of MAGGI® and NESTLÉ (MALAYSIA) BERHAD. For additional information, please contact:

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