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MILO® advocates Never Give Up attitude to raise Champions

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Kuala Lumpur
MILO® advocates Never Give Up attitude to raise Champions

Perseverance marks a critical difference between whether kids succeed or fail in their life-long learning journey. MILO®’s long-standing belief of sport is a great teacher of life values is the powering fuel behind MILO®Champions Never Give Up effort to continuously be a supportive pillar to mothers and children.

Positive attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. MILO®Champions Never Give Up runs deeper than basic sports education because winning is not just about achieving tangible victories; children who learn to bounce back from setbacks always gain a valuable life skill.

MILO® is proud to have accomplished significant steps in propelling behavioral change among Malaysians in this area throughout the last 60 years. “We remain fully committed to sport values advocating because we’ve seen strong real-life testimonials from the power of sport values throughout our decades of effort,” says Philomena Tan, Executive Business Director, MILO®Business Unit, Nestlè Products Sdn. Bhd.

She adds: “Sport is a proven hidden social worker that provides positive teaching for children that books cannot teach. We see its power reflected in the successes of Malaysians such as Datuk Santokh Singh, Ann Osman, Khairulnizam Afendy, and Welson Sim. Their Never Give Up spirit was evident and instrumental in their achievements – and all would agree that it is important to have the right attitude from young.”

Because almost everything has become a competition in our society today, the Never Give Up spirit is more relevant. If children are to succeed in this competitive world, they must learn to hang in there and not quit. It’s easy for a child to make the mistake of giving up too soon or even associate winning inaccurately, which is all part of modern-day childhood.

A major part of the MILO®Champions Never Give Up campaign is to let parents participate because they play a vital role in nurturing a positive and never give up attitude within their child. The parent is a child’s life-long guiding light; support from them is proven a much-needed element in a child’s total well-being.

“Obsessing about winning will negate all values a child can learn on the field. The best first coach to a child’s learning journeys is parents. Parents understand that losing sight of sport as a vehicle for learning is not an option because the focus is never the score. We want all parents to know that MILO® is always here to support morally; and at the same time, we give them a helping hand with valuable tools that they can use as their child’s daily coach,” says Tan.

The Never Give Up spirit has always been embodied in MILO® through its consistent effort to nurture young champions and empower them with life values. Every month, MILO® organizes sport development events at grassroots levels from fun sport camps, to inter-school competitions to national championships. “All on-ground engagements and activities are conceptualized with the singular goal of instilling great sport values to children.” adds Tan. “We work hand-in-hand with parents and experts because we value their opinions as life coaches. Our sports camps and clinics are supported and recognized by many parenting associations, government bodies, and schools.”

MILO®Champions Never Give Up today sees the unveiling of a new reality series Takkan Gentar. The 8-episodic series tells the true journey of a local football team, Ombak FC vying for victory on the field while learning first-hand the values that can only be learnt in sport.

Takkan Gentar brings together professional mentors such as soccer legend, Santokh Singh, female MMA fighter, Ann Osman, celebrity trainer, Fatimah Bakar, former national gymnast, Saiful Razlan, and Malaysian cup winner, Nazzab Hidzan. The series airs on 18 August 2015.

MILO® is not forgetting the importance of developing sports just at the highest, but at the grassroots level as well because that’s the age when children need the most guidance. “After all, a champion’s journey begins at home,” explains Tan. “We hope to inspire more parents to witness the transformative power of sport when they see how the Ombak FC team learns social and moral core values such as such as teamwork, loyalty, perseverance, and mental toughness.”

During the event, the MILO® Gallery of Champions showcases sport champions since the 1950s to give attendees inspirational insights into the athletes’ Never Give Up stories.

Tan summarizes:“We want to mold the success of our children’s future by building on our past successes. All athletes showcased on the champion wall today have always been MILO®’s supporters because they, too, believe in the true power of life-long values through sport. We are working together collectively to remind parents of the importance of sport values and redefine the way families look at failure. Todayis a milestone of spreading the Never Give Up footprint to more families and we will continue to uphold our commitment.”

Join MILO® and our Malaysian champions in our Champions Never Give Up conversations using #nevergiveup and #takkangentar.

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