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MILO® Unveils the Golden Question - ‘How is MILO® made?’ with the World’s First-Ever 360° Immersive MILO® Goodness Truck

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CHEMBONG, July 25, 2023 – MILO® has launched the world’s first-of-its-kind 360° Immersive MILO® Goodness Truck, where it aims to educate the rakyat from all walks of life on the natural goodness of ingredients that go into our everyday cup of MILO®.

Unveiling the world's first-ever 360° Immersive MILO® Goodness Truck[L-R] Alessandro Monica, Executive Director of Technical & Production, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad; Juan Aranols, CEO of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer of MILO and Thomas Mettler, Nestlé Chembong Factory Manager unveiling the world's first-ever 360° Immersive MILO® Goodness Truck.

With its unique blend of barley malt, milk, cocoa, and a combination of 6 vitamins and 3 minerals, MILO® has become the nation’s beloved chocolate-malt drink. The MILO® Goodness Truck will uncover the secret behind this iconic beverage, showcasing its nutritious goodness.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the original MILO® recipe and experience the preparation techniques that contribute to its renowned choco-malty taste. What sets the MILO® Goodness Truck apart is its immersive 360° experience. Digital projections, atmospheric lighting, and sound effects create a sensory journey, enveloping visitors in the world of MILO®. They can engage their senses by experiencing the aromatic smell, touch, and appearance of MILO® firsthand.

The exterior and interior of the MILO Goodness TruckThe exterior and interior of the MILO Goodness Truck that bring the visitors to a sensory journey in learning 'How is MILO made?'

Speaking at the launch of the MILO® Goodness Truck today, Mr Juan Aranols, CEO of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad said, “As a brand that has been cherished by Malaysians for the past 70 years, I am excited to take this mission to the streets of Malaysia through the MILO® Goodness Truck roadshow that will answer the key question - How is MILO® made? Through this iconic initiative, we're bringing nourishment, joy, and energy to communities, one sip of MILO® at a time.

More information can be found on MILO® Malaysia’s website

About MILO®
MILO® is the leading nutritious chocolate malt beverage in Malaysia beloved for its iconic taste.  Packed with the goodness of malt barley, milk and cocoa with a unique blend of 6 vitamins and 3 minerals, MILO® has fueled generations of champions with the energy to go further. For over 70 years, MILO® has grown alongside Malaysia and been a vital part of the nation’s sports heritage, providing athletes the nutrition as well as the platform to grow and flourish through the various MILO® grassroots sports programmes.

About Nestlé Malaysia
Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer. Headquartered in Switzerland, Nestlé is present in more than 180 countries around the world, and our 270,000 employees are committed to Nestlé’s purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. Our performance is driven by our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. Nourishing Malaysians since 1912, Nestlé has earned the trust of our consumers through our quality brands and products. We are committed to improving the lives of the communities in which we operate, whilst maintaining our Halal excellence and integrity.

This is in line with our promise of delivering GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE to all. To learn more about how we have been nourishing Malaysians for over a century, do visit or our Facebook page at

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