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Nestlé Malaysia Statement

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In connection with the decision made by the court recently on a case of industrial effluent discharge, Nestlé Malaysia would like to inform that we regret this isolated incident, resulting from an accidental discharge at the waste water treatment plant, that was rapidly corrected.

We have accepted full responsibility for the incident and have since then undertaken all measures to further enhance our processes, internal systems and controls to ensure that a similar situation does not recur.

Nestlé Malaysia is committed to responsible water management and ensuring that all industrial effluent discharged after undergoing treatment from our wastewater treatment plants meet strict quality requirements and are always within the allowed regulatory limits. All Nestlé factories have wastewater treatment plants and we constantly work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

On 21 May 2019, our Shah Alam Factory recorded industrial effluent discharge levels above the permissible parameters set by the Department of Environment (DOE). This was inadvertently caused by an accidental discharge at the wastewater treatment plant triggered by a human error.

Once this isolated incident was detected, we took immediate action to rectify this. Results from the industrial effluent discharge was fully restored to be below the parameters prescribed by the DOE. Since then, our industrial effluent discharge continues to remain below these parameters.