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The Malaysian Diet

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The Malaysian Diet

Malaysia is famous for a wide variety of food; from traditional foods that are introduced by the different Malaysian ethnicities to modern fusion foods.

Foods taken in moderation and combined with sufficient physical activity can be beneficial to health. However, due to the increase of busy lifestyles, many Malaysians are neglecting physical activity.

How to make healthier choices when eating out?

Eating out at restaurants can be nutritious and healthy. When eating out, try to cut down on deep-fried foods or order smaller portions. Choose menu items that contain fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The most important thing is to maintain good eating habits and to choose food wisely.

Good to remember
3 simple ways you can start to eat healthier:
Before ordering your food, look through the menu - opt for healthier choices. Ensure that your meal consists a balance of carbohydrates (e.g. rice, bread, corn or potato), proteins (fish, egg, meat or legumes), vegetables and fruits Do not hesitate to ask for "less sweet", "less oil" or "more vegetable" for your meal Ask for plain water - most flavoured drinks are high in sugar and calories
Good to know
Tips for healthy eating at the Mamak restaurant!
Choose dishes that are high in protein and that are cooked with less oil such as Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Ariyali, etc. Try chappati or tosai with dhall as a healthier source of carbohydrates Remember to consume at least one serving of vegetables which is equivalent to half cup for cooked vegetables or one cup for raw vegetables