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Go Green this Lunar New Year!

8 tips to consider as you prep for your new year celebrations
Go Green this Lunar New Year!

1. Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Instead of throwing away belongings that are still in good condition, why not donate or sell them as pre-loved?

2. Good as ‘new’ red packets

Good as new red packets

If your old red packets are still good, why not reuse them? Choose slot-in packets instead of glue-on as it allows the receiver to reuse the angpao packets after receiving them. Either that or start using e-angpaos instead!

3. Decorations


Jazz up your home with old props if they’re still in good condition. Get creative – refashion, redesign, reorganise your décor. Believe it or not, this is what malls do sometimes to make their décor look different every year!

4. Choose paper straws over plastic

Choose paper straws over plastic

If you’re planning on getting drink packs for your guests, opt for those with paper straws instead of plastic. If you don’t already know, 100% of Nestlé Malaysia’s “air kotak” now comes with paper straws that can be fully recycled!

5. Prepare bins for recyclables

Prepare bins for recyclables

Prepare segregated bins and encourage your guests to jump on the green train and recycle their wastes!

6. Recycle used drink packs for communities in need

Recycle used drink packs for communities in need

Did you know that these carton drink packs can be recycled into green roofing tiles for communities in need through Projek CAREton? Click here to find a CAREton bin near you and drop off your used drink packs after your celebrations!

7. Ready the reusable containers

Ready the reusable containers

Prepare reusable containers to store leftover food and keep them in the freezer if you don’t plan to consume them so soon.

8. Compost


Still have leftovers from your leftovers? Repurpose what’s remaining by letting them decompose and turn into healthy compost for your garden.