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Recycling Guide Box

Responsibly disposing packaging has never been easier
A paper cup with a recycling symbol on top of a green backdrop
At Nestlé, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of our product packaging are either reusable or recyclable by 2025. Taking it a step further however, in 2020, we introduced a harmonized recycling labelling system on our packaging to better enable and encourage Malaysians to responsibly dispose their Nestlé product packaging post-consumption.
The back label of a Maggi Hotcup Kari showcasing the Recycling Guide Box

We understand the hassle consumers experience having to interpret various different symbols on different product packaging and unfortunately, this often discourages them from correctly disposing their packaging.

With the Nestlé Malaysia on-pack Recycling Guide Box, we aim to improve the reliability and transparency of the recyclable claim on our product packaging, making recycling so much easier for everyone!

With a user-friendly and consistent labelling system featured across our brands and categories, we aim to clearly communicate to consumers the recyclability of each component of our product packaging, as well as into which bin they belong. This includes identifying components that are in fact non-recyclable. The label also incorporates illustrations of the different components of our packaging so that even children would be able to recycle correctly!

An up close image of the Recycling Guide Box of a Maggi Hotcup packaging

We have begun introducing this Recycling Guide Box since the beginning of 2020 and target to roll it out to at least 80% of our product packaging by year end. You can now enjoy your favourite Nestlé brands and responsibly dispose their packaging with confidence!