MILO 3in1

MILO 3in1
Get more out of your day with MILO 3in1

MILO 3in1 offers the great taste of MILO in a more convenient format. Just add hot water to enjoy the familiar MILO taste that you love. Quick & easy! It also comes in 3 other variants to suit your needs.

Continue your day with the goodness of PROTOMALT and cereals

MILO Cereal, made from a unique blend of carbohydrates, 8 vitamins and 4 minerals including vitamin B1 for efficient energy release with the goodness of cereals in a convenient stick pack. Just add hot water to enjoy the filling energy of MILO Cereal.

For a good digestive system

MILO Hi-Fibre contains ACTIFIBRAS®, a soluble dietary fiber that helps promote bowel movement to reduce the occurrence of constipation.

Enjoy the great taste of MILO and less sweet

MILO Less Sweet contains the goodness of skim milk powder - enriched with calcium for strong bones, and magnesium for better absorption of calcium into the body. It contains 47% less sucrose compared to other chocolate malt 3in1. Just add hot water to enjoy.

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