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5 fun things to do outdoors on the weekend

Time to have some fun outdoors!
The weekend's here, the sun's out, and everything outside looks bright and wonderful. It's time to have some fun outdoors! Here are some ideas to jazz up your weekend and make it a really fulfilling one.

Form a Sunday jogging group

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your state of mind. Invite your friends and family, and make it a regular routine to exercise in fresh air once a week.

Choose shoes that support the arches of your feet and have enough room for you to move your toes. Good walking or jogging shoes should offer the right amount of cushioning and flexibility, so that your feet won't ache or have blisters.

Have a picnic

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as the smiles, laughter and fun that you can have with your friends and family under the sun. And packing a picnic basket is really not as difficult as you imagine it to be. Check out our article on planning a picnic the healthy way for some tips on packing a picnic.

TIP: Healthy snacks like fresh fruit and yoghurt are great picnic items for everyone.

Go on a road trip

The adventure of a road trip is always exciting. Even if it's just 2 days away from city life, it's a great opportunity to refresh the mind and restore the soul. Pack a football, basketball, frisbee, or if possible, bring along your bicycles.

TIP: Handy treats like MILO NUGGETS, raisins or fruits are great for the journey.

Explore nature

Nature parks and hills are great places to spend the weekend! There will be lots of interesting flora and fauna for everyone to enjoy, and you will find the natural environment refreshing and rejuvenating.

Shop under the stars!

Make a change from the shopping malls and try shopping at the many outdoor bazaars, or pasar malams, with your friends and family. Whether it's a daytime weekend flea market or night bazaar, shopping in the open can make a difference to your mood and is a great outdoor experience for everyone.